• Ice Cream Party – Multiply by 7’s


    Computer app for students to learn the 7s times tables with an ice cream party theme. Download the PDF with the URL and password needed to access the activity.

    Why use this app?

    We looked at various apps on the market and did not find what we needed so we decided to create our own. Here were our requirements:

    The app had to run on a PC, tablet, and phone.

    We did not want to install anything since our computers are blocked at school.

    Our app had to somehow teach the times tables, not just quiz students to see if they had learned it.

    We wanted some kind of personalization feature so our students would see their names throughout the app.

    We wanted corrective feedback (not just a buzzer sound) and some sort of motivational “prize.”

    No advertising – many free apps/web sites have huge amounts of advertising.

    Finally, we did not want any in-app purchases.

    So we created the app we want for the classroom:

    *An app that ran on our classroom computers

    *Students type in their name and see it throughout the game.

    *Just type in the URL, password and run, no installation files, you can put the app on all the classroom computers.

    * Instant corrective feedback

    *Motivational prize at the end with a minimum score required or the exercises have to be redone.

    *An app with three levels: The first level shows the times tables being studied one at a time in sequential order. The second level mixes up the times tables and has the harder numbers appear twice. The third level is the application level where students use the times table they learned to solve problems in story form.

    *There are no ads anywhere in the app nor any in-app purchases!

    * Each app has a different theme for variety.


    We hope this app proves to be useful to you with your students. Your purchase license allows you to put this app on all computers within your classroom. If other teachers would like to use this app in their classroom please refer them to our product page on TpT.

    We also have a computer lab/site license file available for this app on for only $14.99 for unlimited uses in a computer lab or a school site.

    Unzipping a zip file:

    To open a zipped file on a PC, drag the .zip download to the folder of your choice (Desktop is good for you to practice or Documents).

    Also includes the following files:




    These three files are PDFs you can print out for your students. I usually have students complete/practice using these sheets before they are allowed on the app.

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  • R Controlled Vowels Spin and Graph Word Work – 13 pages of no-prep activities


    R Controlled Vowels Spin and Graph Word Work – 13 pages of no-prep activities

    This packet includes 13 pages of -ar, -er, -ir, -or, and -ur word work, one page for each word family.

    Great no-prep activities can be used for starters, independent work, group instructions, or learning centers!

    Each worksheet includes a spin and graph activity with 6 words.

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  • Best seller

    ABC Writing Activities, Practice Uppercase, Lowercase, and Numbers


    ABC Writing Activities, Practice Uppercase, Lowercase, and Numbers – 62 pages, no prep printables

    62 pages of no prep activity sheets. Your kiddos will practice uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and the numbers 0-9. Letter recognition, writing, and reading skills will increase while students trace, color, and write the letters/numbers in the blank lines.

    This activity supports the following Common Core standards:
    RF.K.1d, Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet

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  • Writing paper with secondary lines,illustration, graph section – 35 styles!


    Writing paper with secondary lines and illustration section – 35 styles to choose from! We have also added 10 styles of graphing paper for math work, even XY coordinate paper.

    This set of writing paper with secondary lines is perfect for K, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 students. Enjoy!

    File is PDF format for easy printing.

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  • Numbers 1-20 practice with sweet candy theme


    Numbers 1-20 practice with sweet candy theme

    This Interactive Numbers Packet is FILLED with FUN and engaging activities to practice number recognition, writing and identifying numbers from 1 up to 20 using a sweet candy theme! Each sheet will keep your students having busy fun and asking for more! This packet requires NO PREP… just PRINT and Engage! As an added bonus, your students will practice reading their colors too.

    This number set includes 21 pages. Each page focuses on a number and the last page is a trace numbers 1 – 20 sheet around a candy castle for coloring. These are great as part of lessons, morning work, independent work at centers, homework, bell ringers, or daily practice – or mix and match!

    The following activities are included throughout the packet, each page contains 8-11 activities from the following:

    Trace the Number
    Trace Number Word
    Add one
    Subtract one
    Ten Frames
    Tally Marks
    Greater Than/Less Than
    Previous & Next Numbers
    Counting different items
    Coloring the number
    Domino dots

    Supports the Kindergarten Common Core {K.CC.1}

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