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    Ice Cream Party – Multiply by 7’s app

    Computer app for students to learn the 7s times tables with an ice cream party theme. This is a computer App, NOT a phone/table app. You download the files to your computer and use the app from your PC. This does NOT work on Macs, sorry. This is the demo version for the full Ice Cream Party app.
    *Students type in their name and see it throughout the game.
    *Just download and run, no installation files, you can put the app on all the classroom computers.
    * Instant corrective feedback
    *Motivational prize at the end with a minimum score required or the exercises have to be redone.
    *There are no ads anywhere in the downloaded app nor any in-app purchases!
    We hope this app proves to be useful to you with your students. Your purchase license allows you to put this app on all computers within your classroom. If other teachers would like to use this app in their classroom please refer them to our web site!
    Unzipping a zip file:
    To open a zipped file on a PC, drag the .zip download to the folder of your choice (Desktop is good for you to practice or Documents).
    Right-click the file called and choose “Extract All” Now you will have a new yellow folder with the same name and the files you need inside.
    Double-click the “Launch_Game.exe” file to start the game, no installing or anything else needed, just run it!
    What I do is put the app in the Documents folder then create a shortcut to the game on the Desktop.
     To make a shortcut:
    Right-click on the Launch_Game.exe file. Click on “Create Shortcut.” You will see an icon with an arrow in the bottom left edge. Drag that shortcut to your desktop. Whenever a student double-clicks this icon the game will start up.