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    Word work based on the Wonders series-3rd Grade, 4,000+ pages with bonuses!


    30 weeks of spelling packets for McGraw Hill Wonders – 3rd Grade – over 4,000 pages of word work with special bonuses!

    This set includes 30 weeks of spelling packets, each packet is 50 pages of activities for you to choose from. The lists are in order by week according to the McGraw Hill Wonders series for 3rd Grade. You can use these to supplement your current workbooks or to differentiate the spelling words for your students. Over 4,000 pages of activities! We are in no way affiliated with McGraw Hill.

    You receive a free month’s access as a member with the purchase of this packet! Enjoy unlimited downloads of all resources upon completing your order.

    This set includes:
    On level set (30 weeks)
    On level set with no challenge words (30 weeks)
    Approaching level set (30 weeks)

    ALL words included for the whole year in this set. Please view the sample, it contains the words for the first 18 packets. If the words do not match what you need, don’t worry, just email us the words you have and we will customize all 30 packets for you if needed!

    1. Cover page
    2. Spelling word waterfalls
    3. Write each spelling word three times each
    4. Write a spelling word on each line, going from shortest to longest. 5
    5. Hold the presses!
    6. Practice Spelling Test
    7. Spelling Test
    8. Can you make three words using the letters from your spelling words?
    9. Flash Cards
    10. Tracing Flash Cards
    11. Read, trace, write
    12. Word Search
    13. A-B-C Order
    14. Scrabble Spelling
    15. Spelling Cube
    16. Spelling Decahedron
    17. Fill in the shapes with the letters from your spelling words.
    18. Color in the bubble words.
    19. Fill in your spelling words in the shapes.
    20. Trace, Write, ABC, New Word
    21. Syllable clap
    22. Mega Domino Card Packet
    23. Spelling Scoot!
    24. Spelling Scoot Answer sheet

    ***Special bonus! I was asked for this set of packets without the challenge words, so you also get an additional 30 packets with only the first 15 words – additional differentiation opportunity with these extra packets. I was also asked for the approaching level words, so that is included too! This brings up the totals to over 4,000 pages.***

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