Thanksgiving spelling packet with 20 words


Thanksgiving spelling packet with 20 Thanksgiving words with different activities.
View our YouTube video so you see how our packets work and get ideas on how to use this word work in your classroom:

Spelling word waterfalls
Write each spelling word three times each.
Write a spelling word on each line, going from shortest to longest.
Hold the presses!
Practice Spelling Test
Spelling Test
Make three words using your spelling words
Flash Cards
Tracing Flash Cards
Read, trace, write
Word Search
A-B-C Order
Scrabble Spelling
Spelling Cube
Spelling Decahedron
Fill in the shapes with the letters from your spelling words
Color in the bubble words
Fill in your spelling words in the shapes
Trace, Write, ABC, New Word
Syllable clap
Unscramble and Write
Word Work Bracelets
Word work bracelets
One practice sheet for each word (10 pages)

Please download a free packet so you can view all the pages included in this packet.