Word family candy machines – 580 page file!


Word family candy machines – 580 page file!

This amazing, gigantic set of activities will get your kids learning word families in a fun, interactive way while completing a candy machine project. First of all this set consists of over 570 pages, the packet currently has 116 word families! Each word family contains 4 activities.

Once the activities are completed the sections are templates that can be cut out and glued together to make a candy machine.

This is an original, creative way to get your students excited about learning word families. Download the free sample for the -ab word family, try it with your kids and let us know how it goes, we are sure you will see the usefulness of the project/activity in teaching word families.

Your students will learn and have fun coloring, cutting, writing, and assembling the candy machines!
Word Families included:
ab, ace, ack, ad, ade, ag, age, aid, ail, ain, air, ake, ale, all, am, ame, amp, an, and, ane, ank, ant, ap, ape, ar, are, arm, ash, ast, at, atch, ate, aw, ax, ay, each, eal, ean, ear, eat, ed, ee, eel, een, eep, eet, eg, ell, en, end, ent, erry, ess, est, et, ew, ice, ick, id, ide, ig, ight, ike, ile, ill, ime, in, ind, ine, ing, in, ip, ish, it, ite, oat, ob, ock, og, oil, oke, old, oo, ood, oof, ook, ool, oom, oon, oop,oot, op, ore, orn, ot, ouch, ought, ound, ouse, out, ow, ow, owl, own, oy, ub, uck, ug, um, ump, un, unk, us, use, ust, ut